Friday, June 15, 2007

Home Alone

Chris was supposed to be driving back today but couldnt get a ferry off the island because of some wedding. He said he made a reservation for the 7am ferry tomorrow. I miss him, I wish he was on his way now. His phone doesnt work, which also sucks. Ive been hanging out with Nicole after work, we went to Out R Inn right down the street last night and the night before. We made friends with everyone, I like the place, its going to suck to move.
Speaking of moving, I actually am really excited. We are doing out walkthrough some time Sunday. I love the place.
We are supposed to be getting the puppy next week. I am SO excited. My mom actually came up with the best name, Midori. Except I think Im going to change it to Mydory and we can call her Dory for short!
New menu at worthington, we get to taste it all today, Im excited. They are also changing from tip checks to getting our tips at the end of the night, which I am excited about. Its strange though, DC is going the opposite way. And it cracks me up to remember Omer going "everyones doing it, get used to it" when Melih would steal all of the bar/server money and give them some bullshit check at the end of each night. What the fuck do they know.

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szep.jimbo said...

Szia! Én magyar vagyok és mindig olvasoma blogodat :) és akkor most ez ilyen divat lap volt vagy most ez egy blog lett? kérlek válaszolj!