Sunday, April 20, 2008

Its Been a While...

Yeah, I know, but no one reads this thing anyway, its just an excuse not to do my Spanish homework. A lot has changed but the long and short of it is that we are in the process of buying a condo in UA (we close in May), we got dog, Stella, (I cant remember if my last post was before or after that occurence) and shes a year old now. Im working for the CMC and Rigsbys (but may have a prospect for a new bar gig soon) and Ms. KSol visited Columbus for ONE night on Thursday and made my YEAR! Also, Chris got a new job in January and will be getting a promotion and major raise soon, and Lax season has started again so hes back into that.
Funny story: On thursday JLynn and I went to bar louie in easton waiting until KSol called. We had intended to go to Bon Vie or some other a little more classy place but everything was closed, oh well. KSol called me and while I was giving her directions on where to go some guy SAT on top of Jlynn in her seat and was hitting on her!!! I told him to go the fuck away, but we moved to the high top tables by the bar anyway. While we were sitting in our new seats some drunky drunk guy kept coming over and would NOT go away, and I was just not having it. At one point he was making some comment about how Jlynn looked like my mom or vice versa. UGH. The barback (shout out!) kicked him away, but he left his cell on our I threw it in the garbage.
KSol came and we were all out until 2am and I was exhausted! But ill deal with it for a once in a lifetime opp to see her!!!
Hopefully Ill remember to update this thing and keep everyone (no one?) posted

Friday, June 15, 2007

Home Alone

Chris was supposed to be driving back today but couldnt get a ferry off the island because of some wedding. He said he made a reservation for the 7am ferry tomorrow. I miss him, I wish he was on his way now. His phone doesnt work, which also sucks. Ive been hanging out with Nicole after work, we went to Out R Inn right down the street last night and the night before. We made friends with everyone, I like the place, its going to suck to move.
Speaking of moving, I actually am really excited. We are doing out walkthrough some time Sunday. I love the place.
We are supposed to be getting the puppy next week. I am SO excited. My mom actually came up with the best name, Midori. Except I think Im going to change it to Mydory and we can call her Dory for short!
New menu at worthington, we get to taste it all today, Im excited. They are also changing from tip checks to getting our tips at the end of the night, which I am excited about. Its strange though, DC is going the opposite way. And it cracks me up to remember Omer going "everyones doing it, get used to it" when Melih would steal all of the bar/server money and give them some bullshit check at the end of each night. What the fuck do they know.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


So my birthday has come and gone without much pomp or circumstance. I worked at Worthington on Friday, got out about 11pm and chris and i and nicole, nick and kyle went to mad mex for mexican and margaritas. I gave Nicole my fake ID and she used it with no problem. We celebrated, washington apple shots around, sangria for nicole and I to share and then a mango margarita. Excellente. Saturday I woke up and went to bartend lunch for a few hours at Worthington. It was uneventful and I cleaned. I tried to get to Easton for shopping for like an hour and got lost for an hour before I got there. I didnt find anything, I looked for a robe for Nicoles graduation party which is today. We decided to give her the VS bag and stuff and get the other girl an Itunes gift card and some other bath & body works stuff. After I got back we went to the Burgundy room. We tried to go to this other place, Rigsbys, but they werent open until later because of a wedding. Chef said the food at Rigsbys was better but I have no complaints about Burgundy Room. I had the beef carpaccio and braised short ribs, both were excellent. To start we had a bottle of Rose champagne and then I realized that they had ARGYLE! But it was only the 375ml so we shared that for our second round of tapas. We finished with a flight of late harvest wines, an excellent choice. The bartender brought me out our chocolate mousse with a candle and comped the dessert which was super nice.
We went back to the guys place, there wasnt much going on. Nicole and a few others were there but it was uneventful so we went to chris' parents house (they already left for daufuskie). Sarah was there, she left today at 5am to drive to the island. Nicole, Nick, Chris and I just watched some movies in the basement before I totally passed out. Nicole left before we woke up to go to some graduation party this morning. We woke up and made omlets and screwdrivers and mimosas. Chris and I took a bubblebath in the jacuzzi, it was an excellent morning. We are just sitting here watching Hanibal and chilling before Nicoles graduation. Chris leaves on tuesday with nick to drive to Daufuskie so ill be all alone :(

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

3.5 Days Until 21!

I know I havent written in like 3 days but Chris' internet connection wont let me upload, sign into gmail, or shop online, its annoying.
On saturday Nick, Nicole and I went to Chris' kids lax game. It was raining, they started like 30 mins late but we got to get taco bell before. They started really strong, keeping it point to point until the 3rd. Their goalie that I love, Tony Ward, got hit in the throat with a ball at the end of the 3rd quarter and was down for a minute but ran back in like a champ. They fell behind after that, the game ended up 7-4 Mariemount. I know they were disappointed but they really did play amazingly. Chris' parents and sister and aunt were at the game, I met them all briefly and Sunday Chris' mom called and invited us to dinner that night and we went. Well I met the parents, they werent so scary and I think they like me. Sarah likes me, she invited me to Daufuskie like 10 minutes after meeting me. Dinner was great and I'm really trying to go to Daufuskie next week.
I had a second job interview at the Worthington Inn and I got the job. I start tomorrow, but they know about my birthday and I mentioned going to Daufuskie next week and they seem fine about it. It seems like a really good place.
Chris got my diamond mounted in a setting and gave it to me yesterday (see photo). Its amazing. Everyone stares.
We are doing a walkthrough for our apartment sometime in the next 2 weeks, Im excited to move in. Chris and I went to the JCP Furniture Outlet...I mean WOW my head almost exploded because of how cheap stuff was. We are definitely going there for furniture. Its like a leather couch for like $85!!!
Today we are definitely drinking because tomorrow I work (eventhough the latest Ill get out of work each night like 12:30a). We will probably hang out with the guys and stuff. But its too bad because Thursday is the Lax banquet and Ill have to miss it for work, but Ill deal.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Jewelry and Jobs

I wrote the manager at Sugar an email telling her that Sugar is just not a good fit for me. It really isnt, I like the fine dining, the "i can hear myself think" atmosphere. I had an interview at the Worthington Inn. Its a really nice place, a lot like Notti Bianche. I think they liked me, I hope so, they are making a decision late next week.
The jeweler didnt call today :( Ill just have to keep waiting.
I think the front desk guy at the gym likes me, he said "have a good day see you later Amber" kinda strange. Ill just have to make sure Chris is with me next time!
Chris and I are having dinner at his sisters, Im a little nervous. She is like the litmus test for Chris! She is Chris' Jason and CarylAnn. What to wear, what to wear....
Tomorrow I'm going to hit the pavement again tomorrow applying all over. Bar Louie would have been nice but I called and you have to serve and then they promote to bartending. Kinda strange...but being the last kid hired means like a YEAR until bartending and I just dont want to serve. Hopefully Ill get that job at Worthington Inn but Ill just have to wait and see.
Mom gave me 1/2 of my birthday present in my bank account yesterday. I paid off my Express card once and for all and got groceries. I also ordered 2 bottles of Argyle Pinot Noir, my favorite! It was only $45 with shipping for both bottles. I think after we move we are going to sign up for a wine of the month thing, I found one that is only $20 a month for 2 bottles.
I cant wait until we move, I'm so excited for the new place! Photos to follow!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trust your Instincts

My mom finally sent me the pictures from NC (and my aunt called and said she got the bear I send my cousin finally!). We found out yesterday that we got the apartment we wanted!!!!!!! Now we just have to worry about furnishing it. Chris' lacrosse kids were in the final four and their game was yesterday (wednesday) THEY WON! THEY ARE GOING TO THE STATE CHAMPS! Their game is on Saturday, it was a close game on Wednesday and Chris said that the kids they are playing are really good. We'll just have to see! Im definitely going to be there.
Im having serious doubts about working at Sugar Bar, I emailed the manager (not the one I originally dealt with, hes leaving unfortunately) and she said that usually training is 6 shifts. Im not scheduled tonight, but we are going to talk when I go in tomorrow. I dont want to keep training, making zero money, and being used as an extra body until I make enough noise for them to give me shifts. On my SECOND day I sold a table and took care of it entirely and didnt get any money. Such bullshit. Im going to McFaddens (yes related to the one in DC) and Little Bar today to see if they are hiring. I need a more chill atmosphere like Dragonfly and not some Nazi camp of a club.
Chris and I are going over to his sisters, Sarah, to pick out some Victorias Secret and Bath and Body Works stuff for Nicoles graduation (its a co-grad party with some other girl too). That should be fun.

Monday, May 28, 2007

12 hours in an airport is 11.75 hours too much

I just got back from NC seeing my aunt, uncle, mom, and other uncle and my NEW BABY COUSIN!! So cute, pictures to come once my mom sends them to me. I left EARLY on Friday morning after not sleeping very much or very well, got to CMH (columbus airport) and decided I wasnt going to check my one tiny bag. I get through security at 5:30am and they take ALL of my toiletries: facewash, saliene solution, lotion. I mean COME ON.
So I get to the gate, grumpily, get my water and get on my way to BWI. I get there at like 8:30am and have TWELVE hours to do nothing. I stayed in the Southwest terminal where they had tons of stuff for a few hours and then decided to head over to airtran. What I didnt realize was that I had to leave security and go back through again. UGH. Well after I went through the agony again and got there, there wasnt even a starbucks in the damn terminal. I tried to sleep on my near empty luggage (thank you TSA) for a few hours, mostly unsuccessfully. I asked the desk if there was an earlier flight to Charlotte and there was one at 1:30 (it was like 1pm then). It was OVERbooked and they even bribed passengers to give up their seats with SIX FREE ROUND TRIP TICKETS each! AHH! Lucky. And they all got guaranteed seats on my later flight and a meal voucher for food in the airport. Lucky bastards.
Well I finally get to NC at 9:30, was picked up by mom and Julia and went back to the house. Little Mark was sleeping when I got there. Mom and I stayed at Julias parents house and woke up at like 9:30am the next day and went to the mall for a few hours. I got a cute black cocktail dress for work/play and a cute black top and two pairs of shorts. I also got new RAINBOWS! I think 6 years is good for a pair of flip flops and it was time to move on. I didnt get to get new shoes for work, but Ill deal. Mom is giving me $2100 for my 21st, NICE. Ill probably buy one pair of great shoes and then pay off my debt. Saturday night we went back to Julias parents and had a cook-in.
Sunday we woke up and went to the pool. First mom and I went to target and got new bathingsuits, I got a 1piece for the pool at the gym and a bunch of new gym clothes. We went to the pool for a few hours, I got a little burned/tanned. Sunday evening we all went out to dinner and walked around this little shopping area that looks like Winter Park/Silver Spring/Easton. We all went back to Brett and Julias, I played with the baby while they played some card game. Mark loves it when I make faces at him but doesnt like it when I hold him, I probably dont really do it right since hes the first cousin/baby Ive been old enough to hold.
Mark looks like a normal 3 month old baby (hes actually 7 but his due date was around 3 months ago). Hes sooo cute and everyone disagrees about who he looks like. Hopefully he will be tall like Brett and cute like Julia. The only machine hes on is a heart rate monitor.
Im back in Columbus now, the flights were mostly uneventful, good seats on both flights. From BWI to CMH I sat next to a mom/dad/baby. The little girl was SO cute, she was 11 months old and really cute and well behaved. Chris and I are going to the gym, Im going to figure out how to use the tanning beds if it kills me!