Monday, May 28, 2007

12 hours in an airport is 11.75 hours too much

I just got back from NC seeing my aunt, uncle, mom, and other uncle and my NEW BABY COUSIN!! So cute, pictures to come once my mom sends them to me. I left EARLY on Friday morning after not sleeping very much or very well, got to CMH (columbus airport) and decided I wasnt going to check my one tiny bag. I get through security at 5:30am and they take ALL of my toiletries: facewash, saliene solution, lotion. I mean COME ON.
So I get to the gate, grumpily, get my water and get on my way to BWI. I get there at like 8:30am and have TWELVE hours to do nothing. I stayed in the Southwest terminal where they had tons of stuff for a few hours and then decided to head over to airtran. What I didnt realize was that I had to leave security and go back through again. UGH. Well after I went through the agony again and got there, there wasnt even a starbucks in the damn terminal. I tried to sleep on my near empty luggage (thank you TSA) for a few hours, mostly unsuccessfully. I asked the desk if there was an earlier flight to Charlotte and there was one at 1:30 (it was like 1pm then). It was OVERbooked and they even bribed passengers to give up their seats with SIX FREE ROUND TRIP TICKETS each! AHH! Lucky. And they all got guaranteed seats on my later flight and a meal voucher for food in the airport. Lucky bastards.
Well I finally get to NC at 9:30, was picked up by mom and Julia and went back to the house. Little Mark was sleeping when I got there. Mom and I stayed at Julias parents house and woke up at like 9:30am the next day and went to the mall for a few hours. I got a cute black cocktail dress for work/play and a cute black top and two pairs of shorts. I also got new RAINBOWS! I think 6 years is good for a pair of flip flops and it was time to move on. I didnt get to get new shoes for work, but Ill deal. Mom is giving me $2100 for my 21st, NICE. Ill probably buy one pair of great shoes and then pay off my debt. Saturday night we went back to Julias parents and had a cook-in.
Sunday we woke up and went to the pool. First mom and I went to target and got new bathingsuits, I got a 1piece for the pool at the gym and a bunch of new gym clothes. We went to the pool for a few hours, I got a little burned/tanned. Sunday evening we all went out to dinner and walked around this little shopping area that looks like Winter Park/Silver Spring/Easton. We all went back to Brett and Julias, I played with the baby while they played some card game. Mark loves it when I make faces at him but doesnt like it when I hold him, I probably dont really do it right since hes the first cousin/baby Ive been old enough to hold.
Mark looks like a normal 3 month old baby (hes actually 7 but his due date was around 3 months ago). Hes sooo cute and everyone disagrees about who he looks like. Hopefully he will be tall like Brett and cute like Julia. The only machine hes on is a heart rate monitor.
Im back in Columbus now, the flights were mostly uneventful, good seats on both flights. From BWI to CMH I sat next to a mom/dad/baby. The little girl was SO cute, she was 11 months old and really cute and well behaved. Chris and I are going to the gym, Im going to figure out how to use the tanning beds if it kills me!

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