Thursday, May 31, 2007

Trust your Instincts

My mom finally sent me the pictures from NC (and my aunt called and said she got the bear I send my cousin finally!). We found out yesterday that we got the apartment we wanted!!!!!!! Now we just have to worry about furnishing it. Chris' lacrosse kids were in the final four and their game was yesterday (wednesday) THEY WON! THEY ARE GOING TO THE STATE CHAMPS! Their game is on Saturday, it was a close game on Wednesday and Chris said that the kids they are playing are really good. We'll just have to see! Im definitely going to be there.
Im having serious doubts about working at Sugar Bar, I emailed the manager (not the one I originally dealt with, hes leaving unfortunately) and she said that usually training is 6 shifts. Im not scheduled tonight, but we are going to talk when I go in tomorrow. I dont want to keep training, making zero money, and being used as an extra body until I make enough noise for them to give me shifts. On my SECOND day I sold a table and took care of it entirely and didnt get any money. Such bullshit. Im going to McFaddens (yes related to the one in DC) and Little Bar today to see if they are hiring. I need a more chill atmosphere like Dragonfly and not some Nazi camp of a club.
Chris and I are going over to his sisters, Sarah, to pick out some Victorias Secret and Bath and Body Works stuff for Nicoles graduation (its a co-grad party with some other girl too). That should be fun.

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