Saturday, May 19, 2007

The first few days

On Tuesday I woke up, went to breakfast at American City Movie Diner in Cleveland Park with the little brother, at 7:00am! I looked like hell, as usual for me before noon, and this woman walks over, says shes from Channel 7 News and they are doing a story on eggs, can she tape us eating eggs? First of all, I dont eat eggs normally, unless I want to get really sick later, and second of all Im trying to enjoy my last few hours with the little one.
Well She begged, so we acquiesed. I couldnt watch it anyway and neither could the lil because he had school or work and I dont exactly get CH7 in Columbus. So that was that.
I drove to the airport, waiting for the fiance, he thought I was inside, I was outside, it took forever. But regardless, we found each other, but I needed gas, to fix my mirror before driving 100mph for 7 hours, and air in my front tire. We went to that little exit by BWI before you get on any highway to look for gas. There was ONE sign that said "gas -->" so we went --> and there was NOTHING. Im pretty sure they were hiding all the gas stations. We finally found one, did our thing. He geniously taped the mirror back onto the car by wrapping it around the door, but forgot that we cant roll up the window...Oh well. Car ride was long, we got lost every exit we got off on (for food and gas) and I slept for 3 hours.
Now I am in Boyle calls it, Blowhio. The first night we went to the boys house one street over. Nice kids, all youger than us and some of them were still in HS. Played beer pong, which I am not horrble at despite my distaste for beer. They have this 8 week old kitten that I am afraid is going to get smushed somewhere one day, but he is SO adorable.
Wednesday we ran some errands, like domesticated people do I guess. We are both broke, but still managed to get me work clothes (a whole other story), groceries, and some random stuff for the apartment. Wednesday night he picked up Molly, his parents 13 year old yorkie for us to dogsit for a little. She loves him, he very very picky, they definitely should have named her princess.
Thursday night was my first day of work at Sugar Bar. And going along with the horribly luck I've been having, went badly at first. I left 20 minutes early to make what googlemaps described as a 7 min drive. The directions they gave me sucked because part of the street was blocked off so I had to go around. I drove about 10 mins past where I wanted to be. Chris was not answering his phone and Sugar's phone was either off the hook or someone would not shut up. I got Chris to talk me to Sugar and hung up so I could find parking. I drove around until 8:45 (I was supposed to be there at 8pm) and called him almost crying and drove home again. He met me (after getting lost AGAIN) and drove me to work and dropped me off.
Work wasnt so bad. It sucks when you dont know where ANYTHING is. I kept bringing the wrong glasses because they have three types that are just slightly larger than each other (all plastic btw, genious if you ask me). The girl I was training with, Lauren, was super nice, gave me the inside on whats going on (no drinking, lame...skanks they hired before me, hilarious). I was there until midnight. Around 11:30 I saw HER, the crazy girl that stalks my Chris. We all decided that she is MUCH uglier in person and way more of a whore-looking that I thought (relief? possibly). Chris picked me up and we both passed the fuck out around 1:30.

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