Saturday, May 19, 2007

The worst dancing Ive ever seen...

I have decided, after working two nights at Sugar Bar (the so-called see and be seen place in Columbus, hahahahaha, yeah, in Columbus) that people here have a cracked out notion of dancing. White people, black people, latinos, girl, and guys alike. I'm pretty sure the highlight of my life last night working was around 1:30 when this girl walks onto the fake runway stage, walks down like she can actually walk in the 2inch heels she is wearing, poses, and walks back. All by herself. When the place is clearing out. With her bag on her shoulder. Yikes. I think Chris explained it best when he said that the people here want to party like they live in Miami, but they dont, they live in Columbus. It works out for me because they all buy bottles.
I actually sold a table last night, I would/should have made an $80 tip had I not been training, sucks. These two guys just sit and I say the usual about bottle service and they ask for a Moet Whitestar (YES!) I bring the bucket and the guy says "can we also get a bottle of belvedere?" (YES YES YOU CAN!). Impress the boss, impress Lauren, maybe make money if im lucky (not so much) but everyones happy. They are super nice and easy to work with which is definitely an added bonus.
Lauren had these Russians at 3 tables (the ones closest to the server station, HUGE mistake). They were all up in the aisle and this one HUGE woman kept just standing there while this other girl in a b/w dress kept walking, stopping, blocking the while aisle, flailing her arms (I'd assume her way of dancing but you can never be sure) and just being IN THE WAY. I just walked through the dance floor, it worked out.
Im not sure if they hired or just picked out the girls wearing pink but there was a "pink fashion show" and it was HORRIBLE. Since when does fashion show mean walk down the stage, almost falling over in the heels youre wearing OR walking like something is stuck up your ass and then making out with another girl at the end of the runway. Jesus. I wanted to beat these girls to death. Then Lauren has them upstairs at a table with one free bottle of Goose. They were bitches, we just ignored them for the most part.
I got done at closing like everyone else, its not a bad shift but I'm glad I brought flat shoes too and switched periodically (especially since we had the mezzanine, the stairs are brutal and it slows you down to have 3 inch heels on). I got home, Chris was there after DJing with Nick at the boys house, he had tons of fun, and we walked across the street to Conzuelas for late night mexican. It was great, and Im still eating the ginormous burrito now. We crashed when we got back, around 3:30am and I woke up to my phone ringing with a Colorado number that I am sure is a collection agency at 9:30am. I woke up again to Chris already out of bed, getting dressed to coach his kids Lacrosse game (which I forgot about) and he had to take Molly back because his mom misses her. The good news about that is that I'm probably getting my own puppy this week!

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