Tuesday, June 5, 2007

3.5 Days Until 21!

I know I havent written in like 3 days but Chris' internet connection wont let me upload, sign into gmail, or shop online, its annoying.
On saturday Nick, Nicole and I went to Chris' kids lax game. It was raining, they started like 30 mins late but we got to get taco bell before. They started really strong, keeping it point to point until the 3rd. Their goalie that I love, Tony Ward, got hit in the throat with a ball at the end of the 3rd quarter and was down for a minute but ran back in like a champ. They fell behind after that, the game ended up 7-4 Mariemount. I know they were disappointed but they really did play amazingly. Chris' parents and sister and aunt were at the game, I met them all briefly and Sunday Chris' mom called and invited us to dinner that night and we went. Well I met the parents, they werent so scary and I think they like me. Sarah likes me, she invited me to Daufuskie like 10 minutes after meeting me. Dinner was great and I'm really trying to go to Daufuskie next week.
I had a second job interview at the Worthington Inn and I got the job. I start tomorrow, but they know about my birthday and I mentioned going to Daufuskie next week and they seem fine about it. It seems like a really good place.
Chris got my diamond mounted in a setting and gave it to me yesterday (see photo). Its amazing. Everyone stares.
We are doing a walkthrough for our apartment sometime in the next 2 weeks, Im excited to move in. Chris and I went to the JCP Furniture Outlet...I mean WOW my head almost exploded because of how cheap stuff was. We are definitely going there for furniture. Its like a leather couch for like $85!!!
Today we are definitely drinking because tomorrow I work (eventhough the latest Ill get out of work each night like 12:30a). We will probably hang out with the guys and stuff. But its too bad because Thursday is the Lax banquet and Ill have to miss it for work, but Ill deal.

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