Friday, June 1, 2007

Jewelry and Jobs

I wrote the manager at Sugar an email telling her that Sugar is just not a good fit for me. It really isnt, I like the fine dining, the "i can hear myself think" atmosphere. I had an interview at the Worthington Inn. Its a really nice place, a lot like Notti Bianche. I think they liked me, I hope so, they are making a decision late next week.
The jeweler didnt call today :( Ill just have to keep waiting.
I think the front desk guy at the gym likes me, he said "have a good day see you later Amber" kinda strange. Ill just have to make sure Chris is with me next time!
Chris and I are having dinner at his sisters, Im a little nervous. She is like the litmus test for Chris! She is Chris' Jason and CarylAnn. What to wear, what to wear....
Tomorrow I'm going to hit the pavement again tomorrow applying all over. Bar Louie would have been nice but I called and you have to serve and then they promote to bartending. Kinda strange...but being the last kid hired means like a YEAR until bartending and I just dont want to serve. Hopefully Ill get that job at Worthington Inn but Ill just have to wait and see.
Mom gave me 1/2 of my birthday present in my bank account yesterday. I paid off my Express card once and for all and got groceries. I also ordered 2 bottles of Argyle Pinot Noir, my favorite! It was only $45 with shipping for both bottles. I think after we move we are going to sign up for a wine of the month thing, I found one that is only $20 a month for 2 bottles.
I cant wait until we move, I'm so excited for the new place! Photos to follow!

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