Sunday, April 20, 2008

Its Been a While...

Yeah, I know, but no one reads this thing anyway, its just an excuse not to do my Spanish homework. A lot has changed but the long and short of it is that we are in the process of buying a condo in UA (we close in May), we got dog, Stella, (I cant remember if my last post was before or after that occurence) and shes a year old now. Im working for the CMC and Rigsbys (but may have a prospect for a new bar gig soon) and Ms. KSol visited Columbus for ONE night on Thursday and made my YEAR! Also, Chris got a new job in January and will be getting a promotion and major raise soon, and Lax season has started again so hes back into that.
Funny story: On thursday JLynn and I went to bar louie in easton waiting until KSol called. We had intended to go to Bon Vie or some other a little more classy place but everything was closed, oh well. KSol called me and while I was giving her directions on where to go some guy SAT on top of Jlynn in her seat and was hitting on her!!! I told him to go the fuck away, but we moved to the high top tables by the bar anyway. While we were sitting in our new seats some drunky drunk guy kept coming over and would NOT go away, and I was just not having it. At one point he was making some comment about how Jlynn looked like my mom or vice versa. UGH. The barback (shout out!) kicked him away, but he left his cell on our I threw it in the garbage.
KSol came and we were all out until 2am and I was exhausted! But ill deal with it for a once in a lifetime opp to see her!!!
Hopefully Ill remember to update this thing and keep everyone (no one?) posted


Big City Diary by L said...

hey, i read your blog and liked it! i have one too, we should become each other followers. what do u say?=)

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Clara said...

i'm reading :D good job

The blue eyed girl said...

I always read your blog!!
and I think I'm not the only one who reads it ;)

The New Girl In Town said...


I also have a blog and it also called the new girl in town. But my URL is This is because your blog is but I want to change it in, so more people can find me easily.

So I have a question for you. Can you change your URL so that I can change mine in your URL:$? I also ask this because I see that your last post was in 2008. It will help me a lot!

I hope to hear from you soon!!