Sunday, May 20, 2007

Always bring comfy shoes just in case

Last day of training, thank god, I can only go so many days working my ass off without making money. Brittney (moron) didnt show up until like 9:30 almost so I ended up setting up her whole section. I trained with Whisper, which meant that I just ran around doing random shit for her and Mallory, which is fine. We all ended up in flat shoes periodically throughout the night.
The first funny/frustrating encounter: the entirely too huge girl standing in the space where you exit/enter the bar. Whale.
Mal and Whisper are hilarious, Mal is all about the guy drama, Whisper reminds me of me in her style in serving, no bullshit, just shove your way through the crowd, do whatever you have to do to make your money. Love. It. While shoving my way through I got both of my feet stepped on at least twice, elbowed in about six different areas, it was just fabulous. I didnt get elbowed in the heat tonight, which is always a plus.
We were out of ice for like 2 hours, and the owners wifes table needed more so I found myself pushing my way through the freakin dance floor with a bottle service bucket to get ice from the back. I had the genious idea to grab the big ice bin and fill it with ice and go on my way. Im not sure if this was a mistake or not, but it took FOREVER to shove everyone out of the way to get back. I get into the VIP section and there is this guy moving like molasses in front of me and I say "excuse me" loud enough for him to hear finally and he turns around and goes "WE ARE ALL GOING TO THE SAME FUCKING PLACE" and I just looked at him and said "IM GOING BEHIND THE FUCKING BAR" and he moved, but not before I could shove him out of the way. Classic.
Then I walked over to where VIP ends and the booths begin, standing by the bouncer, one step up in VIP. This drunk dumbass falls ON me, scratching my leg. UGH.
The best part was definitely at the end where there were only about 30 people paying tabs and taking their damn time to get the fuck out. Im going to have to learn how to say that in every language. I walk up the steps with a ton of glasses in my hand and 3 guys are standing at the top, one GRABS MY ASS. The only thing I could think of was that I just started and I dont want to punch someone in the face just yet. The ridiculously tall bouncer was standing nearby and I just walked up to him and said 'he needs to go' and he was gone.
Im working tonight, some charity event, with Lauren, which should be cool. We are figuring out what we are wearing soon, hopefully pants!

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