Monday, May 21, 2007


So apparently Chris is supposed to be the ultimate champion at beer pong/beirut/whatever you want to call it. Ive played with him at the boys house about 3 times now and made some excellent shots if I do say so myself. I made 4 in a row at best. And I usually make the winning shot. Chris picked me up from working a charity event at work, it was very nice, for a girl who needs a kidney transplant, we didnt do much and I only made $24 but it wasnt hard work and I did get a $25 tip onn $6. Anyway. We went to the grocery store, got wine and tequila (tried to buy mix but it all CAME with tequila, so forget it) we made it back, 2 of his friends hung out over to watch entourage and for hookah. I had two glasses of wine and we were half way through Mr. & Mrs. Smith when Nick or Garek called and we went over to play. We beat the boys and then there was no one for us to play so we played each other. HA! I beat the pants off of him so badly that halfway through I ran outside to find a witness. We played with the baby kitty and then went back home. IT WAS A GLORIOUS VICTORY.

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