Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tequila, Wine, and Beer

We actually got a gym membership! But not before eating at bar louie haha. The food there is great, but their tabouleh is just not as good as CAMs. We went to Lifetime Fitness, we got a tour, the place is FANTASTIC. The bathrooms are out of a dream--tanninng beds, showers, steam rooms, free hairdryers, all granite ahhhhhhhh. Well I have a consultation with a personal trainer today, it comes with signing up. I had to go to DSW and buy sneakers because of course I dont ownn any and surprise surprise I got green sneakers. They only cost like $30 which is awesome.
I went to Chris' kids lacrosse game, I liked it, and I mostly understood what was going on. They won and he and I went to Chipotle. Fat asses, we are living it up before the gym! We scarfed down the food, brought the 1/2 bottle of wine I had left over to the boys and we played beer pong and got drunk. Glorious. Chris wasnt feeling very good, he was pretty drunk. We both just passsed out and hes at class. We are going to look at an apartment tonight and my PT session is at 3pm.
I did notice yesterday while we were eating at Bar Louie in Easton that Easton looks just like Silver Spring and Silver Spring looks just like Winter Park Villiage. I guess I like to feel close to home.

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