Sunday, June 10, 2007


So my birthday has come and gone without much pomp or circumstance. I worked at Worthington on Friday, got out about 11pm and chris and i and nicole, nick and kyle went to mad mex for mexican and margaritas. I gave Nicole my fake ID and she used it with no problem. We celebrated, washington apple shots around, sangria for nicole and I to share and then a mango margarita. Excellente. Saturday I woke up and went to bartend lunch for a few hours at Worthington. It was uneventful and I cleaned. I tried to get to Easton for shopping for like an hour and got lost for an hour before I got there. I didnt find anything, I looked for a robe for Nicoles graduation party which is today. We decided to give her the VS bag and stuff and get the other girl an Itunes gift card and some other bath & body works stuff. After I got back we went to the Burgundy room. We tried to go to this other place, Rigsbys, but they werent open until later because of a wedding. Chef said the food at Rigsbys was better but I have no complaints about Burgundy Room. I had the beef carpaccio and braised short ribs, both were excellent. To start we had a bottle of Rose champagne and then I realized that they had ARGYLE! But it was only the 375ml so we shared that for our second round of tapas. We finished with a flight of late harvest wines, an excellent choice. The bartender brought me out our chocolate mousse with a candle and comped the dessert which was super nice.
We went back to the guys place, there wasnt much going on. Nicole and a few others were there but it was uneventful so we went to chris' parents house (they already left for daufuskie). Sarah was there, she left today at 5am to drive to the island. Nicole, Nick, Chris and I just watched some movies in the basement before I totally passed out. Nicole left before we woke up to go to some graduation party this morning. We woke up and made omlets and screwdrivers and mimosas. Chris and I took a bubblebath in the jacuzzi, it was an excellent morning. We are just sitting here watching Hanibal and chilling before Nicoles graduation. Chris leaves on tuesday with nick to drive to Daufuskie so ill be all alone :(